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Afro Arab, Sudanese Nubian Egyptian,
Black Muslim American Woman.

Who is Dalia Taha?

Dalia Taha is an Afro Arab, Nubian Sudanese Egyptian, Black Muslim American Woman. She is an Entrepreneur, Model, Actress and Chef. Dalia was born in Al Amarat Al Khartoum, Sudan. Her mother is a Nubian Halfawia from Wadi Halfa and her father a Jaahli from Shendi, Sudan. She migrated to Bloomington, MN as a young child where she spent most of her time reading, writing, and drawing. From an early age she noticed the pain and struggle that her mother endured to keep her and her younger sister's hair styled. From there her fascination for organic beauty products started. By the age of 9 she was making her own hair oils. By the age of 12 she discovered that her hair needed a new form of care that was not available yet. She then began to make her own hair oils, and hair masks using natural and organic ingredients that her mother would have at home for home remedies, and other beauty regimens she would make for herself. By the age of 14 her love for beauty and self care transpired into a vision of one day developing the best organic hair products that one could find. Easily available and accessible to anyone.

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